7 Days Left!!! The story and such…

Many people have been talking with me about nutrition lately. Word is spreading like wildfire about the Paleo and Primal ways of eating. There are reports of increased energy, increased strength, improved mood, and better sleep…..didn’t I tell you?!

Now, I have never been a person who enjoyed sales or marketing. On the contrary, trying to sell someone something is not one of my strong suits. But, this way of life is so simple and life-changing and I am all too happy to talk with people about it. If it comes off as a sales pitch, so be it. How can I not share information so priceless? Health and wellbeing, who doesn’t want that?

At first, I felt obnoxious. Every other word out of my mouth seems to be related to Crossfit or Paleo nutrition. Paleo! Crossfit! Primal! Nutrition! I have considered the possibility that people may be avoiding me. Thinking, “Oh no, there she goes again.”

And I understand that. I felt the same way when I first started hearing about this way of eating. My initial reaction was to blow this off with all the other fad diets I had heard of. I considered how I ate to be healthy. I cooked from raw ingredients. I bought local and organic foods whenever I could. I have always believed in whole, unprocessed foods. I loved my bread and I loved to bake. I used whole grains, how could that be bad?

But, when I sat down and really thought about it, something wasn’t right. If I had such a healthy diet, why did I feel so flabby and rundown? Why had I held onto the weight from my last pregnancy? Why was my skin so bad at 34? The truth was, I didn’t feel very healthy, my mood was poor, sleep was inadequate, energy was low.

These questions and issues started me on a quest. As a nurse, I have seen firsthand the results of poor nutrition and lack of exercise. I knew that these two things were the main culprits in a plethora of chronic diseases. I had to find a way to get to healthy.

I had gone to gyms before, tried running, tried cycling, tried exercise routines on my own. All of these left me bored and frustrated.

Enter Crossfit. My godsend. When I am there, if I am not laughing at the seeming impossibility of a WOD or amazing myself when I am able to complete that same WOD, then I am talking with friends and experiencing the sheer joy of overcoming my own self-imposed limitations. For all of the joys Crossfit had given me (and I credit the Crossfit Power Performance community for that!), the most surprising joy is that I have learned that most of my limits are all in my head, and I can crush them.

As usual, I digress.

You see, when I began Crossfit, I began altering the very core of me. I found my path and began pursuing nutrition with full abandon. Nutrition is the foundation of health and wellness. Shouldn’t my role as a nurse practicing holistic therapeutic nursing be to educate and help people to establish excellent nutrition and therefore, excellent health and wellness?

So, there I was embarking upon the path to health and wellness and entering into a new phase of life and career. And, this pesky Paleo issue keeps rearing its annoying little head. I knew that I could not be involved with Crossfit and nutrition and not have at least experienced a Paleo-ish way of life.

And so I began my first 30-Day Challenge, which I now refer to as the 30-Day Food Rebellion. My husband was, somewhat reluctantly, on board and we decided that it had to be a family affair, much to our 13-year-old’s chagrin.

The first five days were terrible. I was evil incarnate. I felt terrible. I was tired. I was cranky. I was not happy. And then, Day 6 was not so bad. Day 7 the fog was lifting. Day 8, Day 9, I began discovering what it felt like to have energy. And, day 10, I felt like  a new person.

I knew then that I would never go back. I began feeling increased strength in workouts. All the hard work I was putting in at Crossfit and with my nutrition was starting to show. I became strong and lean and healthy. I became well. And, I felt like my true self.

More than my own experiences have influenced me. I am currently working on my Whole Health Educator Certification. Here I am learning about silent inflammation, metabolic syndrome, nutrition and exercise physiology.  Everything I have learned thus far supports this way of eating. (Be looking for this great information in future blogs.)

The bottom line here is, you have the power to seek out and find your own health and wellness. My journey may not be the same as yours, but I hope I can provide information to help empower you on your path!

2 responses to “7 Days Left!!! The story and such…

  1. Love CrossFit and the paleo/primal lifestyle. The community is great as you and your family is an an example of that! 3-2-1 Go!

  2. Love CrossFit and the Paleo/Primal lifestyle! The community is great as you and your family is an example of that! 3-2-1 Go!

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